Monday, January 25, 2010


The Web 2.0 tool I chose for this week is from the same site and it is the flash card generator. With the flash card generator template I can create and play five different game types. The five games types are matching pairs, word shoot, flash card, manic minor, and cannon ball fun. Out of the five game types that can be created by the flash card generator template, my four favorites are the matching pairs, flash cards, manic minor, and word shoot.

Flash card and matching pairs is a great tool for students to learn definitions. For example, I can send students home to look for definitions as homework. They would looks up the words and write me an email with the words and definitions. Then, they would type the word*definition (in that format) so that I can copy and paste their work onto the flash card generator template. Then, I can use their words and definitions as a study review in class the next day because all I have to do is copy and paste what they did for homework onto the template. The template would create the game for me. Afterwards, I can use matching pairs in class and divide the class into two teams. The teams would compete and try to get to most matching pairs. As reinforcement for mastery of the definitions, I will teach the students how to play word shoot and manic minor because these two games are more for individual practice.

This is just he basic use of the tool, but I can get more involve and more creative by using equations, graphs, names of polynomials, and many more. I just need to work out all the little details.


  1. I looked through this site too. It has some really awesome tools and the best part is that it's free! I hadn't seen this specific tool yet. Can't wait to use it in the classroom.

  2. Thourn I really like the site you chose. I think students will really get a kick out of this, because not only will they have fun playing the game, but it will serve as a great learning tool as well. If I were your student, I am sure I would love being in your class. You come up with wonderful and interesting ways to implement your objectives in your class.